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Job Positions

Read below learn more about each job position.


Managers / Toolpushers oversee all well servicing operations and they are the leader of the crew. They ensure a safe work environment, maintain appropriate work practices and procedures and also oversee all crew training.Managers / Toolpushers work closely with customers to ensure smooth operations and are responsible for reporting all rig activity to Head Office.


The Operator / Driller leads the crew. They are responsible for operating the service rig hoisting equipment via the Operator’s / Driller's console. Other duties may include ensuring proper training for their crew, becoming familiar with the BOP system, filling out paperwork, conducting safety drills, transporting crew to and from the rig and liaising between the Rig Manager and crew.


The Derrickhand is responsible for all work above the rig floor, watching and maintaining proper well control characteristics, and guiding the pipe off the racking platform in the derrick while tripping in and out of the hole.


A Floorhand is an entry-level position responsible for assisting Derrickhands and Operators/Drillers on the rig floor, cleaning and painting, performing preventative maintenance on equipment and assisting in moving the rig, rigging up and rigging out.

Interested in joining Team Denarii?