Luz is looking good!

Look out – Luz is making this birthday thing look fine 😉 Happy Birthday to Luz Garcia, Derrickhand on SR7. Have an awesome day! #happybirthday #derrickhandsmakeeverythingbetter

Chris, this message will self-destruct in 3,2,1…

Just Kidding! We wouldn’t want to miss out on sending a BIG BIRTHDAY WISH your way. Happy Birthday to Chris Poppleton on Rig 7 from everyone at Denarii on both sides of the 49th!

Tip It For G.C.

Let’s tip our hard hats for the man “G.C.” aka Peter Laun, Operator on Denarii Rig 7. He just celebrated a birthday in September! (TEAM DENARII SHOUT) Thanks for being such a good sport with all my silly snap chat filters 😉 It’s always a blast working with you! Cheers, Lyns    

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